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We live in a very mobile society where having a car is often the only way to get around. But when is it time to give up the keys? Often seniors do not want to face the issue and won’t be aware of, or will disregard, the warning signals. Here are a few things to look for:
  • Are they having frequent close calls in traffic?
  • Are there unexplained dents on the car, mailbox or garage door?
  • Are they getting lost in familiar places?
  • Has their response time slowed dramatically?
  • Are they easily distracted when behind the wheel?
  • Do they still have the physical ability to turn around and check the rear view when backing up?
  • Have they recently received a number of traffic tickets?
  • Are they having trouble viewing traffic signs, signals and road markers?
If these situations exist, it’s time to have the conversation and take the keys. A discussion with your loved one’s physician might help to explain the danger of continuing to drive – both to your family member and the general public. The Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles may also be of assistance.

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