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The Baby Boom generation is sometimes called the Sandwich Generation because they are taking care of children and parents, often in long distance situations. It is one of the most stressful juggling acts in life. There are approximately seven million of these long-distance caregivers in the United States. Everyone has a different story to tell, but here are some points to keep in mind if you face long-distance caregiving.

Hold a family meeting so everyone is included and can contribute. Get organized by assembling appropriate paperwork about your loved one – everything from healthcare surrogate to durable power of attorney to bank records. Research the illness(s) that your loved one is facing and the appropriate treatments. Develop a local circle of support – this could be friends of your family member and/or an on-site caregiver. Seek professional help – from someone in the medical professional to an expert in elder law. Finally, plan for emergencies because life always brings one!

The attorneys of Berg and Associates, P.A. can provide advice to the long-distance caregiver in all aspects of elder law, including estate planning, guardianships, Medicaid and special needs trusts.

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